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Me traveling in BeBop… a story for another time.

From the moment I opened my eyes in Chile, I was destined to live a life exploring the world and its magic. My childhood was a cross-cultural kaleidoscope – absorbing the vibrant Latino traditions of my birthplace before my family's immigration when I was 8 transported me into a whole new world in the United States.

Those early years straddling vastly different cultures fired an insatiable curiosity inside me. I found myself endlessly fascinated by the diversity of beliefs, rituals, and perspectives across humanity's many civilizations. This thirst for understanding the unseen forces and deeper meanings underlying our existence eventually drew me toward the ancient cosmic language of astrology and ancient ritual practices of the occult.

For years, I obsessively studied and researched this symbolic map of the heavens, devouring any knowledge I could find. Finally, after the transformative experience of my divorce, I took the pivotal step to pursue comprehensive astrological training formally. What had been a private passion was now embedded in what was to become a sole focus and calling.

Today, as an astrologer, ritualist, and psychonaut, I am a cosmic translator and guide on a mission to illuminate new perspectives and realizations. With expertise honed over 7+ years studying astrology's symbolic lexicon, I don't provide personal readings. Instead, I open doorways for you to understand your authentic self and life's greater patterns and cycles through ancient cosmic wisdom.

Rather than interpreting your natal chart or personal transits, I bring forth the tools of astrology, rituals, and plant medicine exploration in an accessible way you can apply practically to your life. I am a guide helping you learn the fundamentals of this symbolic cosmic language to unlock profound insights into your true nature, purpose, relationships, and soul's journey across incarnations.

More than lecturing on planetary positionings, I aim to be a bridge-builder – empowering you to connect the chapters of your life into a cohesive, holistic narrative. My unique approach melds astrology's symbolic wisdom with the storytelling gift of drawing out deeper motifs and meaning.

For the spiritually curious and eternal soul-seekers, I act as a mentor across the modern and ancient worlds – translating the cosmos' map to help you navigate your highest potential.

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Galactic blessings to you! — Carolina

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