When I first heard of moon water, I was convinced it was related to my moon cycle. I got it partially right, the lunar cycle that is. If you've been following along, I've been sharing with you various ritual practices and tools to help support your manifestation practices.

That's where moon water manifestation comes in. Take the power of the lunar cycles, your intention, and add it to the magic of water, and you've got moon water. This energized medium can aid you in manifesting desires, goals, and positive changes in your life by bringing focused lunar energy to your goals.

What is Moon Water?

a diagram showing the moon phases

Honestly, the origins of creating moon water as a ritual practice is a mystery to me… when did this practice begin in the collective? I tried to find the answer, as my curious mind likes to reference historical information, but didn't find anything “official”. I can tell you that using water as a medium and tool for cleansing, blessings, and rituals is not new…. think holy water, Florida water, and spiritual or religious blessings such as baptisms.

In the simplest of explanations, moon water is water infused with intention and charged with lunar energy.

Benefits of Moon Water

In the realm of lunar manifestation, there are two main principles to consider: intention and attunement to the lunar cycle. These two principles influence the energy captured in your water container, directly impacting the benefits and use of your moon water.

Positivity vs. negativity, and the intention you set for your environment and ritual tools truly matters.

Think of this lunar-charged vessel as your connection to your intentions and goals. Use your Moon Water to help you with:

  • Your Spiritual Growth: You may find that incorporating Moon Water into your spiritual routine enhances personal introspection and growth.
  • Energetic Cleansing: Use your moon water with the intention to purify and cleanse your aura or personal space of negative energy.
  • As a Manifestation Aid: By focusing your intentions during the creation of your Moon Water, you strengthen the power of your manifestations.

How to Make Moon Water

a jar full of moon water

Now we get to the magic portion of things, and honestly, my favorite. Making your first or second moon water is a fun experience. You get to be super intentional about what you want to focus on and call into your life.

Tip: Get creative and look at your birth chart to determine what needs support.

Let's do this!

1. Gather Your Materials

Before you begin, assemble the following items to make your moon water:

  • A container: Preferably a glass jar with a lid to prevent contaminants. I like to use recycled and cleansed thrifted canning jars with smaller lids.
  • Filtered or spring water: To fill your jar. Think clean and uncontaminated water.
  • A clean workspace: Ensure the area is free of clutter and has a window or outdoor space to place your jar under the moonlight.

2. Choose the Right Moon Phase

Next up is determining when you want to create your moon water. Each moon phase has a different energy for manifestation, meaning, some phases are better for setting new intentions vs. releasing.

This is when you need to determine your goals. Are you looking to start a new goal, or are you seeking to amplify the energy of an existing effort?

  • Full Moon: For releasing what no longer serves you, and celebrating your awesome self.
  • New Moon: Ideal for new beginnings and setting new goals.

Refer to my latest lunar calendar for picking the best dates for your next ritual.

Moon Phase Calendar for 2024 showing a crow for artwork.
Learn more about this Moon Phase Calendar Freebie.

3. Infuse Moon Water with Your Intention

Words matter, and speaking the intention for your moon water tells your subconscious, the Universe, and the water what it is you're seeking and intending with this sacred ritual tool.

Clearly state your intention as you prepare the moon water:

  1. Focus on a specific goal or desire, and begin filling up your glass jar.
  2. Hold the jar in your hands and verbally express your intention or write it on a piece of paper and place it under the jar.
  3. Seal the jar.
  4. Label your jar with the date and any other words you wish to associate with this moon water.
  5. Get ready to charge up the moon water!

4. Charge the Water Under the Moonlight

Ok, we got our first principle covered, Intention. Now, let's cover the next big and final step in creating your moon water. It's time to charge it up with lunar energy juice!

Place your jar where it will receive direct moonlight:

  • Outdoors: On the ground or a surface with clear exposure to the moon.
  • Indoors: On a windowsill that gets ample moonlight.

Leave the jar to charge overnight, allowing the lunar energy to imbue the water with your intention.

TIP: Remove the jar before sunrise to preserve the moon's influence.

Preserving and Storing Moon Water

an altar filled with ritual objects

To effectively preserve moon water, selecting an appropriate container is paramount. Choose a glass jar with a tight-sealing lid to prevent contaminants and maintain purity. Your choice of vessel preserves the energy of the moon water and limits exposure to external elements.

My preference is vintage blue glass jars (you can sometimes find them on eBay or Etsy). Plain and clear jars work too.

When storing your moon water:

  • Location Matters: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to preserve its energetic properties.
  • Temperature Consistency: Avoid areas where temperatures fluctuate, as extreme changes can alter moon water containing additives such as essential oils, water-resistant stones, ritual salts, etc.
Use a sterilized glass jarEnsures cleanliness and energetic integrity
Label with date and moon phaseTracks the water's creation and ties it to specific lunar energies
Keep the jar sealedProtects against physical and energetic contamination
Preservation and Storing Moon Water Tips

Remember to handle your moon water with care, as it is a sacred ritual tool for manifestation. By preserving it properly, you ensure that it remains a potent aid in your spiritual practices.

6 Steps To Manifesting with Moon Water

a woman walking up steps

A full lunar cycle has passed, and you're now ready to use your moon water for your manifestation goals and spiritual practices. Similar to the creation of the moon water, you will use your intention, ritual, and lunar energies to manifest.

1. Choose Your Ritual Date

You can skip this step, and proceed with Step 2, if you wish to use your Moon Water without tapping into the current lunar cycle. But let's assume that you wish to couple the power of your moon water with the oompph and support of the moon's cycle. Great.

Like before, use a moon phase calendar to determine the next best day for your ritual.

2. Prepare Your Sacred Space

Next, let's cleanse your area of any negative energies. Set up an altar or designate a quiet spot where you can focus without distractions. You may include candles, crystals, or anything that symbolizes what you are manifesting.

3. Set Your Intention and Write It Down

Clearly articulate what you wish to manifest. Write your intention on a piece of paper as this act solidifies your desire. Keep your intention concise and positive.

4. Drink, Bathe, or Anoint Yourself With the Water

Ok, you've done all of the prep work… set intentions, cleaned up your sacred space, and now you choose how to use your moon water. Here's where you can get creative with your moon water:

  • You can drink it (don't drink any water that you're not 100% certain of human consumption, be mindful).
  • Add it to your moon bath recipe.
  • Anoint parts of your body that you wish to add this lunar magic to.

Like writing down your goals, this physical connection can help align your energy with your intent.

5. Visualize and Affirm Your Desire

While interacting with your Moon Water, visualize your goal as already achieved. Recite affirmations that reinforce your intention and open you up to receiving.

6. Express Gratitude and Trust the Process

Finally, express gratitude for the Universe's aid in your manifestation journey. Release your desire, trusting that what is yours will come to you.

Moon Water Rituals and Practices

using water for spiritual practices and rituals

Now you have the basics for manifesting with moon water, take that framework and apply it to other spiritual practices and rituals.

To recap, you need to have a clear intention, focused energy, and action, and harness the ideal lunar phase for your goals and projects.

Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation and Abundance

During the full moon, the sky is filled with lunar energy and light. This is the ideal time for bringing attention to your existing projects and goals. It's time to celebrate, and release what no longer serves you.

Collect full moon water to support your goals of cleansing, releasing, and increasing energy and vitality.

Use this water for manifestation by anointing yourself, watering plants, or ritually cleansing yourself or your spaces where you wish to invite abundance.

New Moon Rituals for New Beginnings and Goal-Setting

The new moon represents new beginnings and is perfect for goal-setting. Collect moon water by setting out your vessel on a new moon night.

Write down your goals and ambitions on a piece of paper, and dip it in your new moon water as a way of seeding your intentions. Let the paper dry overnight, then keep it as a reminder or bury it as a symbolic gesture.

Lunar Self-Care Routines and Moon Baths

Utilize moon water in your self-care routine to align with the lunar energy. Incorporate a moon bath into your ritual by adding moon water in to your bath.

Let your moon water help you to release negativity and soak in the moon's energy. Alternatively, you can use the water to wash your face or add it to a foot soak for a more focused ritual.

Moon Water for Crystal Charging and Cleansing

Crystals and moon water make for a powerful combination. Place your crystals in a bowl of moon water to cleanse, and charge them with lunar energy.

However, be cautious, as some crystals may dissolve in water—consult a reliable guide or resource to ensure the safety of your crystals.

Remember to use your moon water aligned to the lunar phases to maximize its benefits.

Recap Time!

So, whether you're looking to attract love, abundance, or success, manifesting with moon water can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Trust in the magic of the moon and let its energy support you on your journey to manifesting your dreams.

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