It's time to upgrade your manifestation practice with moon journaling, a simple ritual that harmonizes your desires with the beneficial energy of the moon phases. Release the potential of your intentions and watch them bloom as the moon waxes and wanes over the month.

Moon journaling is the intentional act of aligning your journaling efforts with the moon's phases for manifesting. The benefits of tracking lunar phases and setting intentions aligned with the moon's cycles are multiple, such as gaining deeper insights into your feelings, thoughts, and patterns, and a deeper connection to your creative self-expression.

Let's get right to it and discuss how to use the moon and your favorite journal to manifest change and growth in your life.

Understanding the Moon Phases

diagram of lunar cycle for alignment

Journaling in alignment with the moon phases can serve as a powerful tool for manifesting your goals and intentions. The cyclic nature of the Moon represents the journey of planting a seed, nurturing its growth, and eventually reaping the rewards. While there are eight distinct moon phases, for the purposes of manifestation and goal-setting, you can focus on four core phases:

  1. New Moon: This phase symbolizes new beginnings and is an opportune time to plant the seeds of your intentions and desires. Use your journal to clarify your goals and visualize the outcomes you wish to manifest.
  2. First Quarter Moon: As the Moon grows, this phase represents the nurturing and feeding of your goals. In your journal track your progress, identify any obstacles, and strategize ways to overcome them.
  3. Full Moon: This phase signifies the culmination and peak of the cycle. This is the time to reflect on the growth you've experienced, celebrate your achievements, and prepare for the final stages of manifestation. Write it down!
  4. Last Quarter (Third Quarter) Moon: This phase is about release and letting go. Write in your journal: any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be hindering your progress, and consciously release them to make room for your goals to fully manifest.
Moon Phase Calendar for 2024 showing a crow for artwork.
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Setting Up Your Moon Journal for Manifestation

a photo of moon journals on grass

Now that you have the basics of moon phases manifestation down, let's discuss how to set up your moon journal and what you need for a good journaling session.

Choose a Dedicated Journal or Notebook

To best utilize your journal for tracking lunar phases, select a format allowing flexibility – where you may scribble notes, jot thoughts, and maintain a monthly calendar section. Opt for a digital or paper journal that sparks motivation to open it frequently each month. The right journal will keep you engaged in observing nature's rhythms through consistent moon charting over weeks and seasons. So, grab a journal that has sections for:

  • a monthly calendar (grab my moon phase calendar for quick reference)
  • area for journaling
  • blank spaces for doodles and capturing ideas
  • plenty of space for making lists and grids

How to Use Your Moon Journal

Getting started with a moon journaling practice is super easy. You can go as simple as using the Notes section in your mobile device, or get wild with setting up a monthly journaling page spread.

What you need to track in your moon journal:

  • Choose your start date, check the date for the next new moon in your moon phase calendar
  • Jot down all 4 moon phases for the lunar cycle you're using, whether that's for the month or year. Next to each phase write the dates. Those dates become your milestones, goals check-in for yourself.
  • Day/Night of Your Moon Phase: 1) Write down the date, 2) the lunar phase, and 3) the sign the Moon is transiting. 4) Follow the journaling tips below for your moon journaling session. Repeat steps 1-4 for each moon phase that you are tracking for your lunar cycle.

Ritual Tools to Support Your Intentions

Intention and correspondences across ritual tools is another layer you can add to your manifestation efforts. Think about using moon ritual tools such as crystals, candles, or essential oils, to enhance your experience.

Depending on your goals get specific, for example, use the color green for prosperity, Venus or Taurus related items: green candles, green stones, fresh flower scented incense, flower tinctures, etc.

Create a Sacred Space for Moon Journaling

It's a New Moon evening and you're ready to journal your intentions, what do you need to set up a sacred space? Just a couple of things to make things super easy and simple to do each and every time:

  • Clear the energy of your space with sound or burning herbs, and intention.
  • Setup a comfy space with pillows, crystals, candles, and your favorite moon-related treasures.
  • Say a prayer, mantra to start your session. Call in the support of your ancestors and well-healed dead, if that's part of your practice.
  • Keep your space low-key and distraction-free so you can focus!
  • Play your favorite soothing music which allows you to remain engaged with this task.

That's it! Use the parts that speak to your heart, and ditch the rest. Adapt and use!

Aligning Your Intentions with the Moon Phases

an open journaling showing various prompts for manifesting with the moon.

So, what do you journal about during each moon phase? What is it you need to focus on as the moon changes signs during its monthly cycle?

I got you… Use my example journal prompts and ideas for setting intentions during each of the four core moon phases to help support your manifestation efforts.

Writing things down is a powerful practice, so do try to engage that muscle.

New Moon Journaling & Manifesting Tips

  • What new goals, dreams, or projects do I want to manifest in this cycle?
  • Write a detailed description of what you want to achieve as if it has already happened.
  • Create a vision board or list of new moon affirmations related to your intentions.
  • Journaling Prompt: “During this new moon, I am planting the seeds of…”

First Quarter Moon Journaling Tips

  • What practical steps can I take to nurture my intentions and move towards my goals?
  • Reflect on any obstacles or challenges you may be facing and how to overcome them.
  • Make a plan of action with specific tasks and timelines.
  • Journaling Prompt: “To help my intentions grow, I will…”

Full Moon Journaling & Manifesting Tips

  • What progress have I made towards my goals so far? Celebrate your achievements.
  • Reflect on the lessons and insights you've gained along the way.
  • Visualize your intentions fully manifested and feel the emotions of having achieved them.
  • Journaling Prompt: “As the moon reaches its peak, I am grateful for…”

Last Quarter/Third Quarter Moon Journaling & Manifesting Tips

  • What limiting beliefs, fears, or patterns do I need to release to fully manifest my goals?
  • Write a letter to yourself letting go of anything holding you back.
  • Perform a release ritual (e.g., burning, burying, or tearing up writings about what you're releasing).
  • Journaling Prompt: “To create space for my intentions to manifest, I release…”

Remember, these are just examples, and you can tailor your new moon journal prompts and journaling practices to align with your personal goals and spiritual beliefs. The key is to use the energy of each moon phase intentionally to support your manifestation journey.

Intention, consistency, and patience are key to manifesting with the moon cycles. Utilizing a full lunar cycle for creating and tracking goals provides insightful awareness of what works and doesn't work for you.

Incorporating Moon Phases into Your Daily Life

a sign that says make yourself a priority

Incorporating awareness of the lunar cycles into your daily routine allows you to thoughtfully care for yourself and make intuitive choices aligned with the natural rhythms of the moon. Let's see how you could use this energy in your life:

Mindful Self-Care

Let the moon guide your self-care rituals. The new moon signals a time for rest and introspection. The waxing moon brings increasing energy for more active self-care like exercise or social connection.

At the full moon, engage in practices that help you release pent-up emotions or tensions. During the waning phase, nurture yourself through gentler activities like journaling or meditation.

Intuitive Decision-Making

Tune into the moon's influence when making decisions. New moons are potent for gaining clarity on your deepest desires. First quarter moons support mapping out actionable plans. Full moons reveal what's been illuminated for better perspective. Waning moons guide you to let go of what's no longer aligned.

By aligning your daily routines with the lunar cycle, you honor the natural cadence of life's rhythms. Embrace the cyclical nature mirrored in the moon's phases – there are times to initiate, times to nurture growth, times to release, and times to rest before beginning anew.

Remember, you don't need to radically overhaul your life. Start by bringing gentle awareness to the moon's phases each day or week. Observe how you're naturally impacted, then consciously lean into those energies. The moon's guidance helps you flow gracefully through life's movements rather than fighting against the cycles.

You're invited! Let's continue the conversation…


As you pour your thoughts onto paper (or digital page) under the gentle glow of the moon, remember that each word carries the weight of your desires. Moon journaling is not just about writing; it's about infusing your intentions with lunar cycles wisdom to supercharge your manifestations. What are you tackling for your next moon phase manifestation efforts?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to start moon journaling?

Anytime! But if you want the benefits of the lunar cycles, then align with the next New Moon.

How often should I journal during each moon phase?

As often as you wish and need for your efforts. Just be consistent!

Can moon journaling be combined with other spiritual practices?

Absolutely, and ideally, moon journaling is just one of many practices that support your goals.

Is it necessary to follow the moon phases exactly?

No, you don't. But if you want to track the effects of the moon phases, and it's power in your life, then yes, do follow them and see how it works for you!

What if I miss a moon phase or forget to journal?

Continue on, and pick it up next time you're able to.

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