The moon's cycles photographed during a full year.

Embark on a journey of the key lunar dates for the 2024 moon phase calendar, your guide to the eclipses, new moons, full moons, and other key phases that will illuminate the skies. Use this guide to help with your own ritual planning, astrological ceremonies, and planning for the year ahead.

Over the course of approximately 29.5 days, we witness eight distinct phases of the moon. Whether consciously recognized or not, these shifts in the lunar cycle can profoundly influence your energies.

For women, in particular, there's a mystic alignment with the moon's 28-day cycle, an ancient and intuitive connection that, while enigmatic, is undeniably felt. Ever notice how a full moon might disturb your slumber, awakening a surge of untapped energy?

The moon's gravitational pull is undeniable, governing the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Considering our bodies are made up of 60% water, it's hardly surprising that we sense her gravitational sway as she progresses through her phases.

In a dance as delicate as it is impactful, she influences your internal tides just as she does the sea's, imprinting her presence.

Eclipse Dates for 2024

Eclipse dates for 2024.

Imagine the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon playing a game of cosmic hide and seek. Sometimes, the Moon sneaks in between the Earth and the Sun, hiding the Sun from us for a little bit – that's called a solar eclipse. It's like the Moon is saying, “Peekaboo!” and the Sun briefly disappears from your view.

Other times, the Earth gets in between the Sun and the Moon, and the Earth's shadow hides the Moon from us. That's a lunar eclipse, and it's as if the Earth is telling the Moon, “Now, it's your turn to hide!” These are special moments when your celestial friends play their hiding games, showing you beautiful and rare sights in the sky.

Eclipses are also massive portals of change and beginnings. It's like the universe closes a door on you, and then another opens for something new and fresh to begin.

Tip: Don't use eclipse dates for magic. EVER. Don't do it, unless you really know what astrological energy you're locking into that wish and act.

In 2024, the eclipse dates are:

  • March 25, 2024: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at Libra 5°07
  • April 8, 2024: Total Solar Eclipse at Aries 19°24
  • September 17, 2024: Partial Lunar Eclipse at Pisces 25°41
  • October 2, 2024: Partial Solar Eclipse at Libra 10°04

Lunar Nodes In Aries and Libra 2023-2025

With the North Node's shift into Aries and the South Node's move into Libra on July 17, 2023, there's a collective push towards embracing Aries' assertiveness and independence, while learning from Libra's lessons on balance, relationships, and diplomacy.

This nodal axis encourages growth in asserting individuality and pioneering efforts, balanced with the need for cooperation and understanding in relationships.

When This Occurs: July 17th, 2023 – January 11th, 2025

Traditional Moon Dates for 2024

The traditional Moon names originate from various sources, including Native American, colonial American, and European traditions, reflecting the changing seasons and nature's rhythms.

When planning for a ritual or ceremony, look to these themes and history for inspiration and guidance.

  • Wolf Moon: January 25
  • Snow Moon: February 24
  • Worm Moon: March 25
  • Pink Moon: April 23
  • Flower Moon: May 23
  • Strawberry Moon: June 21
  • Buck Moon: July 21
  • Sturgeon Moon: August 19
  • Harvest Moon: September 17
  • Hunter's Moon: October 17
  • Beaver Moon: November 15
  • Cold Moon: December 15

Are There Any Blue Moons For 2024?

No. Sorry! Maybe next year.

A Blue Moon refers to the second Full Moon that occurs in a single calendar month. This phenomenon is relatively rare, happening once every two to three years, which is why the term “once in a Blue Moon” is used to describe events that are infrequent.

You're invited! Let's continue the conversation…

the Mysteries of Moon Phases: Your Guide to the Night Sky

A beautiful crescent moon perfect for a night sky watching event.

You're embarking on an enchanting journey through the moon's phases, where each step from the delicate crescent to the radiant full moon unfolds the story of its celestial voyage.

This journey, shaped by the moon's orbit around Earth, unveils the moon's surface in varying shades of sunlight, creating a stunning spectacle for you to admire. The key milestones—new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter—showcase the moon's shifting glow and position through the sky.

When the moon is full, it's fully illuminated by the sun, offering a spectacular view of its earth-facing side in complete brilliance—a sight you won't want to miss.

As the moon diminishes, it revisits its path, moving from the glowing full moon through the gibbous phase and back to the last quarter. This interplay of light and shadow is essential for grasping the lunar month's rhythm.

With a lunar calendar in hand, you can identify the specific dates of each phase, from the next anticipated full moon to the elusive crescent phases, enhancing your enjoyment of the night sky.

This cycle doesn't just affect earthly tides; it also invites you to connect with the grandeur of the cosmos, pondering the intricate ballet of the moon, Earth, and sun.

2024 Moon Phase Calendar

Below are the dates for the 2024 moon phase calendar based on Eastern Time (ET) for the Northern Hemisphere, (be sure to adjust for your local time) including the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon for each month.

To determine the current moon phase, look up the current month and date. Note the Zodiac sign and degree if you're planning any events or projects for your birth chart.

Use these dates and times to plan for your moon rituals or any planetary magick you wish to do.

The Chinese Lunar Year begins on February 10th, with the Year of the Dragon in 2024.

Moon Phase Calendar for 2024 showing a crow for artwork.
Learn more about this Moon Phase Calendar Freebie.


  • New Moon: Jan 11, 5:57 AM EST in Capricorn
  • First Quarter: Jan 18 in Taurus
  • Full Moon: Jan 25, 11:54 AM EST in Leo


  • Last Quarter: Feb 2 in Scorpio
  • New Moon: Feb 9, 4:59 PM EST in Aquarius
  • First Quarter: Feb 16 in Taurus
  • Full Moon: Feb 24, 6:30 AM EST in Virgo

March (DST begins on March 10, 2024)

  • Last Quarter: Mar 3 in Sagittarius
  • New Moon: Mar 10, 5:00 AM EDT in Pisces
  • First Quarter: Mar 17 in Cancer
  • Full Moon: Mar 25, 3:00 AM EDT in Libra, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse


  • Last Quarter: Apr 2 in Capricorn
  • New Moon: Apr 8, 2:21 PM EDT in Aries, Total Solar Eclipse
  • First Quarter: Apr 15 in Cancer
  • Full Moon: Apr 23, 7:48 PM EDT in Scorpio


  • Last Quarter: May 1 in Aquarius
  • New Moon: May 7, 23:21 ET in Taurus
  • First Quarter: May 15 in Leo
  • Full Moon: May 23, 9:53 AM EDT in Sagittarius
  • Last Quarter: May 30 in Pisces


  • New Moon: Jun 6, 8:37 AM EDT in Gemini
  • First Quarter: Jun 14 in Virgo
  • Full Moon: Jun 22, 9:08 PM EDT in Capricorn
  • Last Quarter: Jun 28 in Aries


  • New Moon: Jul 5, 6:57 PM EDT in Cancer
  • First Quarter: Jul 13 in Libra
  • Full Moon: Jul 21, 6:17 AM EDT in Aquarius
  • Last Quarter: Jul 28 in Taurus


  • New Moon: Aug 4, 7:13 AM EDT in Leo
  • First Quarter: Aug 12 in Scorpio
  • Full Moon: Aug 19, 2:26 PM EDT in Aquarius
  • Last Quarter: Aug 26 in Gemini


  • New Moon: Sep 2, 9:56 PM EDT in Virgo
  • First Quarter: Sep 11 in Sagittarius
  • Full Moon: Sep 17, 10:34 PM EDT in Pisces, Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • Last Quarter: Sep 24 in Cancer

October (DST ends on November 3, 2024)

  • New Moon: Oct 2, 2:49 PM EDT in Libra, Solar Eclipse
  • First Quarter: Oct 10 in Capricorn
  • Full Moon: Oct 17, 8:26 AM EDT in Aries
  • Last Quarter: Oct 24 in Leo


  • New Moon: Nov 1, 8:46 AM EDT in Scorpio
  • First Quarter: Nov 9 in Aquarius
  • Full Moon: Nov 15, 4:28 PM EST in Taurus
  • Last Quarter: Nov 23 in Virgo
  • New Moon: Dec 1, 01:21 AM in Sagittarius


  • First Quarter: Dec 8 in Pisces
  • Full Moon: Dec 15, 2:22 PM EST in Gemini
  • Last Quarter: Dec 23 in Libra
  • New Moon: Dec 30, 5:26 PM EST in Capricorn

11 Activities for New Moon Rituals And Intentions

The New Moon phase (a day or two before and after the New Moon), is an excellent time for magic, rituals, and calling in your dreams!

Look up the 2024 moon phase calendar to plan your next activity and event.

  1. Use this list of new moon rituals to get you out of your manifestation rut, and add your moon ritual tools.
  2. Grab your new moon crystals for cleansing and activating your intentions.
  3. Try out spiritual writing prompts for your new moon ritual.
  4. Start reading a new astrology book for your spiritual path.
  5. Explore your birth chart and get a deeper understanding of your soul's path.
  6. Maximize your moon phases manifestation by writing your top 20 gratitude list. What are you grateful for?
  7. Write your new moon affirmation on a piece of paper, burn, and release into the universe. Visualize that it is done! Affirm the success of your wish.
  8. Join our Facebook community for support and guidance in your spiritual journey.
  9. Learn a new word for Heart in another language.
  10. Plan your spiritual goals for the month or year!
  11. Create your own new moon bath recipe for your zodiac sign.

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2024 moon phase calendar dates for the full moon, new moon, and other key dates.
A guide to 2024 moon phase calendar dates.
The key lunar dates for the 2024 moon phase calendar.

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