Welcome to your next relaxing bath evening, celebrating the rebirth of a new cycle under the New Moon energies of the month. Use this how-to guide to help you plan and create your next new moon bath recipe and ritual.

With your intentions and the right setting, wash away negative energies and rejuvenate your physical body after a long hot soak.

Below are 12 recipes one for each zodiac sign. I've also noted supplies, how to plan for your bath, how to make the recipe, and how to do a proper ritual bath.


Ritual Bath And Recipe Supplies

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Use this list of supplies to inspire you, and to better prepare for your perfect new moon bath recipe and ritual setup.

When possible, incorporate natural ingredients, and be mindful of the power that plant-based medicine can offer you in your new moon bath recipe and ritual.

Display of Doterra essential oil bottles for a new moon bath ritual.

Essential Oils: Key to not only smelling good, but also many essential oils offer great healing properties. With these highly concentrated bath ingredients, less is more. Unless you're using a carrier oil directly on the skin, be careful with how much you expose your skin directly to essential oils.

Bath Salts: Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, Epsom salts, and dead sea salt can all be used for baths. Each has its purpose and benefits when doing a detox and rejuvenating bath.

Anointing Oils: These types of oils are crafted for ritual use, and to be used on the body or personal objects such as your dream journal or an eye mask. Not to be ingested, unless stated otherwise by the maker.

A Fave of Mine: Sun's Eye Healing Ritual Oil, used with carrier oil for body use

I've used Sun's Eye brand ritual oils for 10+ years for both aromatherapy as well as anointing objects and my body. I love their high-quality products and their commitment to affordability. Plus, they're an old-school woo crew.

flower essences for a new moon bath ritual.

Flower Essences: Essences work at an energetic level to help you re-balance your thoughts, feelings, and subtle energy systems and are powerful tools for inner change & transformation. Use these intentionally for your spiritual growth.

Use the New Moon phase to start a new healing routine for yourself. Vibrational medicine is subtle, so use it with intention and focus.

Try out Crystal Herb's Angel of Purification (10% off with my special code: questmystic ) to help cleanse and release anything that feels murky, unsettled, or dense.

Crystals and Natural Objects: Call in the vibrational medicine of crystals by placing them near your bathtub to help decorate and set your mood.

Flower Petals: Rose petals are popular for bath rituals. If possible, use fresh flower petals based on your New Moon recipe, or whatever is in season at the moment.

New moon ritual to set up altar.

Mixing Bowl: If you're making your own mix, grab a bowl to combine things before using it in the bath. Use glass, if possible.

Glass Jar: Perfect to store a recipe for future use. Grab a lid and pen to write down the date and ingredients. I use Sharpies.

Moon Water: Now is the perfect time to include your most recent Moon water in your new moon ritual bath, or capture this New Moon's energy in your glass jar.

Carrier Oils: Jojoba, Almond, or Grapeseed oil is recommended for body use when using anointing and essential oils.

Coconut Oil: A perfect addition for both moisturizing the skin and creating an exfoliating scrub. I use it directly on my hair and skin and I drink MCT for my health. For baths, I like to finish off with a layer of coconut oil directly on my skin.

Dry Brush: Do you know about dry brushing? Hint: Increased circulation and blood flow, better skin exfoliation, and an excellent way to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Incense: You wanna smell good and activate all 4 elements in your ritual. Plus, if you're burning herbs, wood, and the like, you're likely experiencing an energetic and aura cleanse. Bonus!

Candles and incense for a new moon bath ritual.

White Candle: Most people like to use a white candle as a symbol of purification and healing in their candle magick. I think you should pick whatever color aligns with your goal or what you have in hand. It's the intention that matters. Don't second-guess yourself.

Matches, Lighter: I like to use old-school matches and the flame of my candle to light everything.

Your Favorite Astrology Book, or a copy of the Moon Bath Ritual Recipe Book to plan your next bath.

Bells: This is to help you clear the energy around you if incense is unavailable. You can also clap, sing, bang your book, or play your drum!

A word about Palo Santo and Sage use in rituals. Both of these plant medicines are over-harvested and exploited due to miseducation and hype. Be conscious of your choices and vendors.

Skip DIY, Go Indie

Ok, let's say you're all excited to draw a hot bath and start your new moon bath and don't want to create your own new moon bath recipe. I feel ya. When that happens I look in my collection of handmade and boutique bath teas, salts, and oils. On the top of the list are Moon Bath, Sphere and Sundry (read my review), and Pranarom for my quality natural bath and wellness products.

Botanical Bath Teas

Botanical teas for a new moon bath recipe.

Bath Teas are very similar to a pre-made bath bubbly solution, where the ingredients are selected for you, but with herbal bath blend teas, you're bathing in high-grade quality natural materials. Bonus if the company ethically sources its materials.

I love and adore the New Moon Bath Teas by Moon Bath. I use their pre-made botanical satchels whenever I'm traveling, and know I won't be able to gather supplies locally. And, it's also nice for the convenience factor when I'm tired and just want to get into a hot bath.

The ingredients consist of Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile, Skullcap, Tulsi, and Safflower. Moon Bath's tea ingredients are organic, and the company also aims to sustainably source its materials, which is a significant plus for me. Any action we take to support our planet is a win.

Their New Moon Bathing Salts are excellent for a healing body scrub and post-dry brush session.

Ritual Bath Bombs, Oils & Ritual Salts

Anointing oils for a new moon bath ritual.

Ritual salts and bath bombs, or shall I say, talismanic materia are very different than your average botanical bath tea. With talismanic bath supplies, you are stepping into the realm of alchemy, where natural materials, astrological timing, and ancient ritual practices merge.

These tools are used for magical and astrological remediation. Call upon this ancient art + science to help manifest astrological healing, realignment, manifestation, love, and more.

Here are my recommended bath items from Sphere + Sundry's current catalog by planet, sign, and star:

Wanna learn more about Sphere and Sundry? I did a Sphere and Sundry review for you.

Sun / Solar/ Regulus Star: Bath Salts of Regulus III – Restore a strong sense of self, and embody that which makes you unique, authentic, and special.

Solar / Sun: Son of Apollo Bath Salts – Warming, uplifting, and fortifying. A good choice for those who are Solar deficient and focused on building vital energies.

Moon / Cancer: Luna in Cancer Bath Salts: Bathe to cleanse the emotional sphere and auric body, to prime for ritual activities, trance states, spell work, and the like.

Mercury / Gemini / Virgo:


Bath Salts of Asclepius – Use to help facilitate healing, good health, and personal renewal, as well as improve energetic hygiene and clear the mind-body-spirit.

Step-by-Step New Moon Bath Ritual

Lavender and pink salts for Gemini new moon bath recipe.

It's time to prepare for your new moon bath ritual, and get all of the details sorted out. Print this out for future use. Let's begin!

  1. Review the Moon Phase Calendar to select the date and time for your ritual.
  2. Gather supplies to make your Zodiac New Moon Bath Recipe. Or buy a pre-made talismanic bath bomb from Sphere and Sundry (use coupon code K3RIN1S for $10 off your first order).
  3. Set up your space with your favorite comfort items such as new moon crystals, candles, incense, music, small lights, and the sort.
  4. Have all four elements represented in your setup to help balance energies, facilitate healing, and manifest your intentions.
  5. Clear the energy with herbs, incense, or sound (bells, clapping, sound bowls, singing, etc.)
  6. Think about your intention as you add your recipe to the bath.
  7. Anoint yourself with Sphere + Sundry's Asclepius anointing oil for powerful healing activation. Use my special coupon code for $10 off your first order, Coupon Code: K3RIN1S.
  8. Incorporate flower essences for your healing and meditation practices.
  9. Start your warm/hot water bath, and adjust per your comfort level.
  10. Add your bath recipe ingredients per the instructions above, or follow the directions for your moon bath tea.
  11. Dry brush your body.
  12. Dip in and enjoy your bath! Meditate on your dreams and goals, and what you're releasing. Use this time for introspection and nothingness.
  13. Once done, intentionally express gratitude and release the water while visualizing the ending of a phase. Say thank you!
Moon Phase Calendar for 2024 showing a crow for artwork.
Learn more about this Moon Phase Calendar Freebie.

Tip! When you're done bathing, say thank you to Luna! and the elements for a rejuvenating and healing bath experience.

How To Make & Use Your New Moon Bath Recipe

  1. Pick the Zodiac sign you wish to align your ritual with. You can either do a ritual for the New Moon in X sign, or a moon bath for your Moon sign, your Sun sign, or any part of your birth chart you wish to attend to. The Zodiac sign bath recipes are aligned with the spirit and nature of that Zodiac sign.
  2. Gather supplies based on your chosen recipe or find a pre-made bath option.
  3. Use your recipe items at the time of your bath.

How To Use The New Moon Bath Recipe

  1. For each recipe, start by dissolving the salts in a bathtub filled with warm water to ensure they're evenly distributed.
  2. Next, add the flowers or herbs, crushing (use a mortar and pestle if you need to make it finer), and sprinkle them across the water's surface.
  3. Finally, add the essential oils or extracts, swirling the water gently to mix.
  4. For ingredients like milk or herbs, distribute them evenly in the bath.

Incorporating the Four Elements into Your Self-Care Ritual

A Taurus inspired new moon bath recipe with roses.

The elements—Earth, Water, Air, and Fire—hold significant value in various rituals across many cultures and spiritual traditions. Their symbolism and the energies they represent are often integral to the practice and efficacy of these rituals.

In many traditions, there is also a fifth element, often referred to as Spirit or Ether, which represents the unseen forces, the essence of life, or the divine spark that permeates all things. This element is sometimes invoked to connect the other four elements to the higher realms of consciousness and spirituality.

The use of these elements in rituals is deeply symbolic, aiming to harness their fundamental qualities to bring about desired changes or outcomes. By calling upon the elements, you are seeking to align your intentions with the natural world, drawing upon its energies to enhance your spiritual practice.

Include an item from each element below to connect and call in this energy into your ritual bath.

The Element of Earth

Symbolism: Stability, fertility, strength, grounding, nourishment

Ritual Use: Invoked for rituals related to growth, prosperity, healing, and grounding.

Represented by soil, stones, or crystals in rituals to enhance physical and spiritual well-being.

The Element of Water

Symbolism: Emotion, intuition, purification, healing, motion

Ritual Use: Used in cleansing rituals, healing practices, and rites of passage. Water can symbolize the cleansing of negative energies and is often used for baptism or purification rites.

Your bath water is your connection to this element. You can also have a separate vessel holding water to channel the New Moon energies.

The Element of Air

Symbolism: Intellect, communication, knowledge, inspiration

Ritual Use: Invoked in rituals to gain wisdom, facilitate clear communication, and inspire new ideas.

Represented by incense, feathers, or simply the breath can be used to represent air in ceremonies aiming to elevate the mind and spirit.

The Element of Fire

Symbolism: Transformation, energy, passion, rebirth

Ritual Use: Central to ceremonies involving transformation, protection, and the manifestation of will. Fire can be used to symbolize the light of consciousness, burning away the old to make way for the new. A lit candle can also be used to represent the fire element.

New Moon Bath Recipe for Each Zodiac Sign

New moon bath recipe for each zodiac sign.

The traits and elements of each zodiac sign have inspired these recipes. Feel free to combine elements like Earth + Water, or Fire + Air. Whatever you feel is needed at this time. You don't always need to line up with this new moon theme.

Don't use pure salt if you're seeking medicinal benefits. Go for the other bath salts.

Set up your space with the suggested crystals for each zodiac sign and candles that align with your intent.

Remember, these quantities are starting points. Feel free to adjust the amounts based on personal preference, desired intensity, and bathtub size. Always perform a patch test before using new essential oils or products to ensure you don't have an allergic reaction.

Aries (Fire)

Aries is the first fire sign in the Zodiac, the self-starter and courageous Ram. Use this recipe to help intentions focus on initiating new projects and building confidence.


  • Epsom salts: 1 cup
  • Ginger (freshly grated or powdered): 1 tablespoon for warmth and energy
  • Peppermint oil: 3-4 drops for a refreshing kick

Crystals: Carnelian or red jasper for courage and vitality, or pick another crystal for Aries.

Recommended Ritual Items: Orange candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Taurus (Earth)

Indulge in the luxurious Taurus bath, where rose petals and eucalyptus oil blend for a deeply soothing and grounding experience. This recipe promises relaxation and a profound connection to your senses.

Harness your inner Goddess with rose and pink everything.


  • Dead sea salts: 1 cup
  • Rose petals (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for love and beauty
  • Eucalyptus oil: 3-4 drops for relaxation

Crystals: Rose quartz or green aventurine for heart opening and prosperity. Or pick another crystal for Taurus aligned goals.

Recommended Ritual Items: Goddess candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Gemini (Air)

Refresh your mind and uplift your mood with the Twins' bath, featuring the calming essence of lavender and the cheerful aroma of bergamot. Ideal for enhancing communication and embracing adaptability.


  • Himalayan pink salt: 1 cup
  • Lavender buds (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for calmness
  • Bergamot oil: 3-4 drops for uplifting energy

Crystals: Moss agate or citrine for mental clarity and communication. Or pick another crystal for Gemini focus and intentions.

Recommended Ritual Items: Inner balance candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Cancer (Water) – Milk bath recipe

Embrace emotional healing and nurture your soul with this Cancerian bath recipe, a gentle mix of sea salt, chamomile, and milk. This recipe offers a comforting embrace, promoting intuitive strength and inner peace.


  • Sea salt: 1 cup
  • Chamomile flowers (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for soothing
  • Milk (whole or coconut milk for vegan option): 1 cup for nurturing

Crystals: Moonstone or pearl for intuition and emotional balance. Or pick another crystal for Cancer zodiac sign that helps tune into nurturing, home, Mother, and love.

Recommended Ritual Items: Intuition Moonstone candle, Sphere + Sundry Luna candle

Leo (Fire)

Hello Leo! Awaken your noble spirit and boost your confidence with this formula — where sunflower blossoms and frankincense essence unleash creativity and courageous self-expression. Relax yourself in this bath for a soothing of positivity and strength.


  • Epsom salts: 1 cup
  • Sunflower petals (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for positivity and brightness
  • Frankincense oil: 3-4 drops for royal vibes

Crystals: Tiger's eye or amber for confidence and strength. Or another crystal for Leo placements.

Recommended Ritual Items: Orange candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Virgo (Earth)

Virgo, the Virgin of the Zodiac. Nurture your body and spirit with this tea bath, blending the purifying powers of green tea and the soothing aroma of lavender. This formula is ideal for cultivating calmness and attentive self-care.


  • Dead sea salts: 1 cup
  • Green tea leaves: 2 tea bags or equivalent loose leaves for purification
  • Lavender oil: 3-4 drops for calmness

Crystals: Red Jasper or moss agate for grounding and healing.

Recommended Ritual Items: Goddess candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Libra (Air)

Harmonize your relationships and calm your spirit with this Libra bath combo, where rose petals blend with the gentle warmth of vanilla. Experience equilibrium and serenity, perfect for cultivating care and togetherness.


  • Himalayan pink salt: 1 cup
  • Rose petals (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for harmony
  • Vanilla extract (pure, not synthetic): ½ teaspoon for sweetness and comfort

Crystals: Lapis lazuli or rose quartz for balance and love.

Recommended Ritual Items: Love affirmation candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Scorpio (Water)

Embrace the depths of transformation with this Scorpio bath recipe, designed for profound emotional renewal and growth. Infused with the detoxifying power of black lava sea salt, the warming embrace of clove oil, and the rejuvenating essence of hibiscus petals, this blend is your gateway to overcoming obstacles and revitalizing your spirit.


  • Black Lava Sea Salt: 1 cup
  • Hibiscus Petals: ¼ cup symbolizing passion and transformation
  • Clove Oil: 3-4 drops for a warming, stimulating effect that can invigorate the senses and promote healing

Crystals: Black obsidian or malachite for protection and self-healing.

Recommended Ritual Items: Archangel Michael candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Sagittarius (Fire)

Dive into a refreshing and enlightening experience with this Sagittarius-inspired bath, featuring the stimulating power of rosemary and the energizing boost of orange oil. This combination is perfect for when you're looking to refresh your mind and expand your horizons from the comfort of your own bath.


  • Epsom salts: 1 cup
  • Rosemary needles (fresh or dried): 1 tablespoon for energizing the spirit
  • Tangerine oil: 3-4 drops for adventure and joy

Crystals: Amethyst or Clear quartz for calming and support.

Recommended Ritual Items: Chakra balancing candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Capricorn (Earth)

Anchor your aspirations and fortify your determination through the Capricorn bath experience, featuring a potent mix of vetiver and cedarwood to enhance perseverance and self-discipline. This concoction serves as an essential tool for realizing ambitions and fostering toughness.


  • Dead sea salts: 1 cup
  • Vetiver: 1 tablespoon of vetiver root or 3-4 drops of vetiver oil for grounding
  • Cedarwood oil: 3-4 drops for endurance

Crystals: Red garnet or black tourmaline for ambition and protection.

Recommended Ritual Items: Ancestor candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

Aquarius (Air)

Ignite creativity and cultivate a sense of unity with this Aquarius bath mix, where the infusion of violet flowers and eucalyptus oil awakens both heart and intellect. Ideal for individuals who cherish understanding and are dedicated to charitable pursuits.


  • Himalayan pink salt: 1 cup
  • Violet flowers (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for innovation
  • Eucalyptus oil: 3-4 drops for openness and healing

Crystals: Amethyst or aquamarine for insight and loving the collective.

Recommended Ritual Items: Happiness candle, Sphere + Sundry Saturn in Aquarius candle

You're invited! Let's continue the conversation…

Pisces (Water)

Dive into the depths of your spiritual and imaginative essence with our Pisces bath recipe, blending the ethereal fragrance of jasmine with the divine aroma of myrrh. This mixture is designed to enhance inner wisdom and foster a connection with the cosmos.


  • Sea salt: 1 cup
  • Jasmine (fresh or dried): ¼ cup for dreams and intuition
  • Myrrh oil: 3-4 drops for spiritual connection

Crystals: Fluorite or amethyst for spiritual awareness and creativity.

Recommended Ritual Items: Intuition candle, Sphere + Sundry Asclepius candles

If these recipes call to you, I highly recommend the recipe-filled book Moon Bath, where you'll discover an additional sixteen lunar-inspired bath rituals and formulas.

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List of new moon bath recipe guide sections.
Lavender and pink salts for a new moon bath recipe.

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