Unlock the Secrets of the Stars:

Your Path to Self-discovery

Unlock the mysteries of your existence with the ‘Self-Discovery: the Journey of Birth Chart Analysis' Workbook. Designed to help YOU transform your chart from abstract to empowering, equipping you with insight and inspiration for your self-discovery journey. 

birth chart analysis workbook
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Why Choose This Workbook?

It can help you demystify astrology, turbocharge your personal growth, and embark on a deeper spiritual journey.

No prior knowledge needed! This beginner-friendly workbook guides you step-by-step, transforming your birth chart into a powerful tool for self-awareness and empowerment.

The Self-Discovery

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What's inside the workbook?

Discover your innate strengths and chart a course for fulfillment with the guidance of your birth chart. Our specially curated workbook guides you through the ins and outs of your birth chart with tailored journal prompts and reflective exercises to empower your awakening.

Inside you will find:

  • My Chart's Unique Design: Learn how the elements & modalities make up your unique blueprint.
  • Authentic Self Expression: Discover your full self, not just your Sun sign. Dive deeper for the true gems with planetary exploration.
  • Balance Yourself: Explore the positive and negative expressions for signs, planets and houses.
  • Craft Planetary Rituals: Learn the astrological correspondences to craft your own rituals & personal magick.

You will also find plenty of room to journal as you learn thru 60+ pages of planetary guides, zodiac expression lists, affirmations, journal prompts and exercises to spark your own astrological language.

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