Every month, you have the perfect opportunity to cast your intentions and empower them with the New Moon's energy of renewal and fresh beginnings. New moon affirmations are a potent tool for manifesting your desires and bringing positive change into your life. By focusing your thoughts and energy on your goals during the new moon phase, you can create an unstoppable momentum toward achieving them.

By aligning with each monthly lunar Zodiac-infused event, you can bring tremendous growth to your journey and self-development. Let's see how you can do this by creating and using affirmations in your life.

Understanding New Moon Affirmations

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The new moon phase, when the moon is fully dark before beginning to wax, is considered an auspicious time for consciously defining your desires through affirmations and intention-setting rituals. This practice stems from the idea that our thoughts and words shape our reality.

Harnessing the Power of New Moon Intentions

Setting clear intentions during the new moon can be a powerful catalyst for manifestation. This symbolic monthly fresh start provides fertile energy for getting clarity on your goals and purposefully affirming what you wish to call into your life.

To harness this energy, take time during the new moon to reflect deeply on what you want to achieve or experience. Write down your specific aims, then craft a present-tense affirmation statement that emotionally affirms your intention as already realized, such as “I am joyfully celebrating my dream career.”

The Science Behind Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful because repeating them creates new neural pathways that reinforce empowering beliefs and attitudes in your brain. Craft affirmations using unequivocal language focused solely on what you want to achieve, rather than what you want to avoid. This focuses your mind on your aims instead of deflecting from them.

By combining new moon intention-setting with the moon phase manifestation practice of repeating affirmations aligned with your goals, you engage both spiritual and psychological principles for conscious manifestation.

Writing Your New Moon Affirmations

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When crafting your new moon affirmations, it's important to choose the right words to help manifest your desires. Here are some tips to help you create effective affirmations:

Choosing the Right Words

  • Use positive language: Focus on what you want to achieve rather than what you want to avoid. Don't say this: “I don't want to be stressed,” instead say this: “I am calm and relaxed.”
  • Be specific: The more specific you are, the clearer your intentions will be. For example, instead of saying “I want more money,” say “I am financially abundant and have the resources to live the life I desire.”
  • Use present tense: Phrase your affirmations as if they are already happening. This helps to align your subconscious mind with your desires. Say “I am successful in all areas of my life”, instead of saying “I will be successful.”

Aligning Affirmations with Astrological Insights

The new moon is a powerful time to set intentions and manifest your desires. By aligning your affirmations with the astrological insights of the new moon, you can amplify their effectiveness.

  • Consider the zodiac sign: Each new moon occurs in a different zodiac sign, which influences the energy of the lunar cycle. Understanding your birth chart can help you navigate and determine how each New Moon phase impacts you. For example, a New Moon in Aries is a good time to focus on new beginnings and taking action, and this is especially true if this is also your natal moon sign.
  • Use the lunar phase: The phase of the moon can also influence the energy of your affirmations. During the new moon, the energy is focused on new beginnings and planting seeds. Use this time to set intentions for what you want to manifest in the coming weeks.
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New Moon Affirmations for Each Zodiac Sign

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It's time for a New Moon! Get ready to pull together your ritual tools, pick out a new moon ritual, and check the moon phase calendar for the perfect New Moon affirmation practice you can have.

Below you'll find 111 New Moon Affirmations for the whole zodiac wheel. Based on this month's new moon, you will focus on a different sign for each new moon event. For example, if there's a New Moon in Taurus, use the Taurus new moon affirmations.

Each list of Zodiac sign affirmations is written to help you harness that Zodiac sign's energy and essence. Use these journaling prompts to deepen the connection to that month's energy and focus.

Aries – I Am and Initiate

  1. I am the pioneer of my own destiny, courageously leading my path with passion.
  2. I initiate new beginnings with confidence, embracing challenges with a fearless heart.
  3. I am a beacon of assertiveness, boldly claiming my space in the world.
  4. I initiate action toward my dreams, fueled by the fire of my will.
  5. I am the master of reinvention, bravely navigating the journey of self-discovery.
  6. I initiate conversations with confidence, my words sparking innovation and change.
  7. I am a warrior of light, courageously standing up for what I believe in.
  8. I initiate paths less traveled, my adventurous spirit guiding me.
  9. I am the architect of my reality, constructing my life with boldness and integrity.
  10. I initiate healing within myself, transforming challenges into strength.

Taurus – Values and I Have

  1. I value the beauty in simplicity, finding richness in the everyday.
  2. I have the power to create stability and security in my life.
  3. I value my relationships deeply, cultivating connections that last a lifetime.
  4. I have the strength to uphold my beliefs, standing firm in my convictions.
  5. I value patience and perseverance, knowing they lead to meaningful achievements.
  6. I have a heart that appreciates the abundance surrounding me, fostering gratitude.
  7. I value my ability to nurture and grow, turning seeds of potential into lush gardens.
  8. I have a natural talent for attracting prosperity, and celebrating the luxury of being.

Gemini – Think and Communicate

  1. I think with clarity and embrace my curiosity, always eager to learn more.
  2. I communicate my ideas with confidence, inspiring others with my words.
  3. I think on my feet, adapting to change with ease and grace.
  4. I communicate effectively, building bridges and forging meaningful connections.
  5. I think creatively, allowing my imagination to explore endless possibilities.
  6. I communicate with honesty and wit, engaging others in thoughtful dialogue.
  7. I think critically, discerning truth in a world of information.
  8. I communicate with empathy, understanding the perspectives of those around me.

Cancer – Feel and Nurture

  1. I feel deeply and embrace my emotions as a source of strength.
  2. I nurture my loved ones with compassion, creating a haven of warmth and security.
  3. I feel connected to the rhythms of the Moon, guided by its intuitive wisdom.
  4. I nurture my inner self, acknowledging my needs with kindness and understanding.
  5. I feel a strong sense of belonging wherever I am, building connections that nurture my soul.
  6. I nurture growth in myself and those around me, celebrating every step of the journey.
  7. I feel empowered to protect my peace, setting boundaries with love and respect.
  8. I nurture my dreams, trusting in my ability to bring them to fruition with care and persistence.
  9. I feel gratitude for the emotional richness in my life, honoring my capacity to love deeply.

Leo – Create and Shine

  1. I create my destiny with boldness and brilliance, shining a light on my path.
  2. I shine through my creativity, inspiring others with my vibrant energy and passion.
  3. I create spaces where love and laughter flourish, bringing warmth to every heart.
  4. I shine by being my most authentic self, attracting abundance and joy effortlessly.
  5. I create art that reflects the depth of my heart, sharing my light with the world.
  6. I shine as a leader, guiding with generosity and a strong sense of justice.
  7. I create opportunities for growth, both for myself and those I inspire.
  8. I shine when I embrace my unique talents, knowing that my light can illuminate darkness.
  9. I create moments of joy and celebration, recognizing the power of my presence to uplift spirits.

Virgo – Analyze and Serve

  1. I analyze situations with clarity and precision, making informed decisions with ease.
  2. I serve others with kindness and efficiency, finding joy in acts of helpfulness.
  3. I analyze my path to growth, embracing learning as a journey, not a destination.
  4. I serve my community with dedication, my contributions creating meaningful change.
  5. I analyze my emotions and thoughts, seeking understanding and balance.
  6. I serve by sharing my knowledge and skills, uplifting those around me.
  7. I analyze challenges as opportunities for improvement, always striving for excellence.
  8. I serve with humility and grace, recognizing the strength in gentleness.
  9. I analyze the world with a critical eye, committed to truth and integrity.
  10. I serve my personal goals with diligence and patience, knowing that self-care is foundational to helping others.

Libra – Balance and Relates

  1. I balance my needs with those of others, finding harmony in compromise.
  2. I relate to the world with empathy and understanding, building bridges of connection.
  3. I balance my inner world with external demands, maintaining peace within and around me.
  4. I relate to my environment with grace and beauty, enhancing my surroundings with creativity.
  5. I balance intellect and emotion, making decisions that are fair and considered.
  6. I relate to challenges with diplomacy, resolving conflicts with ease and fairness.
  7. I balance my desire for partnership with the importance of self-reliance.
  8. I relate to my dreams with passion, pursuing my goals with balance and determination.
  9. I balance speaking my truth with listening deeply, valuing the power of communication in relationships.

Scorpio – Desires and Transforms

  1. I desire deeply and pursue my passions with unwavering intensity.
  2. I transform challenges into opportunities for growth, embracing change with resilience.
  3. I desire authentic connections, diving deep into the essence of relationships.
  4. I transform pain into power, learning from every experience with strength and courage.
  5. I desire truth and uncover hidden layers, valuing honesty and depth in all aspects of life.
  6. I transform by letting go of what no longer serves me, making room for new beginnings.
  7. I desire to make a lasting impact, channeling my energy into meaningful change.
  8. I transform fear into action, facing the unknown with bravery and determination.
  9. I desire to understand the mysteries of life, exploring the depths of knowledge and emotion.
  10. I transform through self-discovery, constantly evolving and growing in wisdom.

Sagittarius – Sees and Understands

  1. I see the world as a place of endless possibilities, my spirit ever curious.
  2. I understand that true wisdom comes from diverse experiences, and valuing every lesson life offers.
  3. I explore not just the world around me, but the limitless realms within my soul.
  4. I see the joy in the journey, embracing adventure with open arms and a free heart.
  5. I understand the power of my optimism, spreading hope wherever I go.
  6. I explore ideas and cultures, seeking to broaden my horizons and understanding.
  7. I see the beauty in diversity, appreciating the richness it brings to my life.
  8. I understand that growth comes from stepping out of my comfort zone and daring to dream big.
  9. I explore with a philosophical mind, seeking truths and sharing my discoveries.

Capricorn – Achieves and Uses

  1. I use my resources wisely, building a foundation for lasting success.
  2. I achieve my goals through discipline and persistence, knowing that effort leads to reward.
  3. I use challenges as stepping stones, each obstacle an opportunity to rise higher.
  4. I achieve not for accolades, but for the satisfaction of my own standards of excellence.
  5. I use my time effectively, valuing the precious moments life offers.
  6. I achieve balance between ambition and well-being, understanding the importance of both.
  7. I use my influence for good, aiming to lead by example and inspire others.
  8. I achieve clarity through focus, my vision clear and my purpose unwavering.
  9. I use introspection as a tool for growth, always striving to improve.
  10. I achieve a sense of fulfillment from my accomplishments, knowing they’re the result of my dedication.

Aquarius – Innovates and Knows

  1. I know that my uniqueness is my strength, embracing my individuality with pride.
  2. I innovate to make the world a better place, using my vision for the greater good.
  3. I know that true progress comes from challenging the status quo, and daring to think differently.
  4. I innovate by connecting with others, believing in the power of collective dreams.
  5. I know that my ideas have the power to inspire change, leading with creativity and intellect.
  6. I innovate through understanding, always seeking to expand my mind and horizons.
  7. I know that freedom is the essence of my being, valuing autonomy in thought and action.
  8. I innovate by breaking barriers, my actions paving the way for future generations.
  9. I know that my humanitarian spirit can impact the world, striving to make a difference in every action.

Pisces – Dreams and Believes

  1. I believe in the power of my intuition, trusting the wisdom that comes from within.
  2. I dream of a world where compassion reigns, dedicating myself to acts of kindness.
  3. I believe in the magic that surrounds us, seeing the beauty in the everyday.
  4. I dream with a fearless heart, knowing that my desires are valid and achievable.
  5. I believe in the connection of all things, feeling the unity in diversity.
  6. I dream of creative expression, using my talents to inspire and heal.
  7. I believe in forgiveness, understanding it as a pathway to inner peace.
  8. I dream of deep connections, valuing the soulful bonds that tie us together.
  9. I believe in the unseen, exploring the mysteries that lie beyond the physical.
  10. I dream of transcendence, seeking to elevate my spirit and the collective consciousness.

Rituals for a Powerful New Moon Affirmation Practice

A stone altar prepped for a new moon ritual.

The new moon phase provides potent energy for manifesting intentions through affirmations. Creating sacred rituals can help you fully harness this fertile lunar period and infuse your affirmation practice with focus and meaning.

Integrate a few or all of these practices for your next New Moon ceremony:

  • Have a Ceremonial Space: Dedicate a tranquil space for your new moon ritual, free of distractions. Set the mood with candles, calming music, dim lighting, sacred objects like crystals or statues, or an altar arranged with items representing your intentions. This establishes a space conducive to inner stillness and intentionality.
  • Repeat to Succeed: Having an affirmation practice includes repeating the phrase multiple times a day, and for a ritual, you may choose to do 108 repetitions with your mala.
  • Visualize Your Dreams: Visualization activates the manifestation process by vividly imagining your desires as if already achieved. During your new moon ritual, take time to close your eyes and use all senses to experience what having accomplished your affirmations feels like. You can also create a vision board with images and words depicting your affirmed aims.
  • Amplify With Nature's Gifts: Gemstones and essential oils can help amplify your intentions. Carefully select new moon crystals aligned with your goals – rose quartz for love, citrine for prosperity, etc. Hold them or place them on your altar during the ritual. Diffuse essential oil blends like frankincense and sandalwood to enhance spiritual awareness and openness to receiving.

Engaging mindfully in ritual multiplies the power of your new moon affirmation work. Sacred ceremonies help you inhabit your affirmed aims with fullness, syncing you to the generative forces of the new moon phase.

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Tracking and Reflecting on Your Affirmation Journey

journal ready to capture new moon affirmations.

To reinforce the power of your new moon affirmation practice, make space to track your process and reflect on your spiritual growth over time. This self-awareness fuels momentum and allows you to refine your approach.

Journaling Your Affirmation Practice

Keeping a dedicated moon journal is a powerful tool for documenting your new moon intentions, affirmations, experiences, and realizations each month. Note any breakthroughs, obstacles, or unexpected unfoldings. Re-reading past entries reveals patterns and progress you might otherwise overlook. Your journal becomes a sacred record of your journey.

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Adapting Affirmations with Conscious Evolution

As you deepen this practice, you'll likely find certain affirmations fuel major manifestation opportunities, while others become less resonant.

  • Remain flexible, regularly reflecting on whether your current affirmations continue to align with your authentic needs and growth edge.
  • Don't be afraid to update your affirmations with new wording or perspectives that better capture your latest visions.
  • Expand your awareness with your astrological chart to reveal personalized themes to focus your intentions. What initially arose may need to shift as you expand.

Celebrate your ability to fluidly adapt as an integral part of this practice. By connecting regularly through journaling and refining your affirmations, you unlock increasing levels of spiritual clarity and manifestation power.

Stay open and trust your intuitive evolution.

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