A Candle magic ritual for the new moon.

Sphere and Sundry is a gem in the world of ritual and planetary magic, and it happens to be one of my favorite magical tools for self-healing and transformation. This boutique maker skillfully creates talismanic materia that are tuned to specific planetary goals and desires. Even Chani Nicholas, the superstar astrologer, is a fan of this powerhouse.👇

I thought it would be helpful to give you an in-depth Sphere and Sundry review and answer any questions about what it can provide in your healing and astrological practice. If anything is missed, just leave a comment!

I've been a Sphere and Sundry customer for 5+ years, and have used everything from their sprays to herbal smokes for daily and ritual practices. Their products are ritually handcrafted and timed to specific astrological transits (called electional astrology) to capture the unique qualities of that planetary alignment of that moment. For example, a spectacular Venus election for $, abundance, and manifestation.

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What is Talismanic Materia?

In the simplest of terms, talismanic materia are objects and materials that have been ritually created and consecrated during specific astrological timed windows to capture and harness a unique planetary signature or “power” for use in your life.

For Sphere and Sundry products, these objects and materials can be used on your body, in your home, for your business, and for many other applications. Think candles, stickers, body butters, incense, sprays, oils, perfumes, colognes, tinctures, honey jars, powders, bath salts, drawing ink, and so on. The sky is the limit, and who knows what else they will come up with?

But first, let's make a distinction. For the most part, Sphere and Sundry specialize in talismanic materia, not talismans, that's a different thing (though they have done true talismans with gifted artisans in the past).

The word talisman comes from French talisman, via Arabic ṭilasm (طِلَسْم, plural طلاسم ṭalāsim), which comes from the ancient Greek telesma (τέλεσμα), meaning “completion, religious rite, payment”, ultimately from the verb teleō (τελέω), “I complete, perform a rite”.


The creation of talismans is an ancient ritual practice, going as far back as ancient Egyptian and Babylon times. Most people know of talismans and amulets in the form of rings, pendants, clothing, or pieces of paper (mostly parchment) inserted into handmade vessels. Vessels is a key term here.

Let's see what Kaitlin Coppock of Sphere and Sundry has to say about talismans vs talismanic materia:

A true talisman is a fixed body, or in the case of bottle talismans, a closed system, and their effects are essentially radiant. Talismanic materia is applied in a series of doses that use up the formula, and can even be superior — in my experience — for targeted applications.

Kaitlin coppock, sphere and sundry

Ancient Talisman Ring

This is a seal ring with an inscription
from the late 15th–early 16th century housed at The Met.

Looking closely, the entire ring is etched with prayers and verses to help bring the wearer some sort of protection.

According to The Met: “This magnificent gold ring holds a jade stone engraved with religious verses known as the Nad-i ‘Ali, an invocation to ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. The text is written in mirror reverse, suggesting that the stone may once have served as a seal. Further tiny poetic inscriptions—in cartouches around the golden bezel—contain prayerlike verses, perhaps invested with apotropaic qualities, placed there to ensure the safety of its wearer.”

Sphere and Sundry Talismanic Materia

As I mentioned, in the Sphere and Sundry product world, we're dealing less with rings and pendants, and more with objects that can be used in more versatile and wide applications.

Again, Kaitlin does a great job explaining the energetic differences between talismanic materia and a talisman:

“Such items [talismanic materia] can store highly potent charges and create effects just as powerful as a proper talisman but are similar to batteries in that they contain a fixed amount of power determined by dosage (using all of it) or time (it going “bad” on a material level). In the classical sense, a genuine talisman is capable of restoring its own charge and perpetually regenerating effects, whereas talismanic materia is more transient, and also functions differently, in accord with its form.” – Kaitlin Coppock

In essence, talismanic materia offers you a planetary signature path, an opening if you will, to your birth chart and a specific area of your life. Because ultimately, the materia is interacting with YOU, and your unique cosmic blueprint.

With the use of the talismanic materia, you can more easily tap into a part of your life where you wish to manifest a result. This helps to facilitate a conversation between your astrology and the chosen planetary spirit, power. By opening this window, you bring intention and awareness, which aids in developing a stronger relationship with that spirit or essence.

Take Venus materia, for example. It's ideal for those seeking love, improved artistic expression, or a deeper appreciation for beauty (all governed by Venus' influence). While prayers and offerings to deities of love and beauty can achieve similar results (think Aphrodite, Freyja, Branwen, Inanna, etc), a Venus talismanic materia acts as a tool to facilitate communication with this specific energetic power.

And each Venus election brings a unique opportunity to engage with that planetary signature. Not all Venus materia is created equal. This means each talismanic materia creation is unique as it reflects that moment.

Who Started Sphere and Sundry?

Sphere and Sundry opened its doors in June of 2018, the work of founder Kaitlin Coppock, and her husband, the well-known astrologer Austin Coppock. Both are highly gifted individuals, with a deep appreciation for doing things in the most systematic and high-quality manner possible. Kaitlin is the core creator in the Sphere and Sundry duo, while Austin provides the key astrological talismanic-grade elections for each product line.

The products' creation is expertly designed and timed, utilizing Picatrix-style procedures, and a mix of classical, modern, and syncretic correspondences. They also publish each electional chart with each product line.

Sphere + Sundry uses only the finest organic and/ or wildcrafted ingredients in high-end, rancidity-resistant containers, natural waxes and butters, pure essential oils, c02s, and absolutes, genuine metal leaf, and untreated semi-precious and precious gemstones. All of this is delivered in recyclablereusable glass (never plastic), and shipped with minimal packaging waste.

In other words, they get all of the stars! ✨✨✨

  • Woman-led small business
  • Publishes astrological election chart for all products (this is very important)
  • Uses organic or wildcrafted ingredients
  • Natural ingredients only: oils, c02s, absolutes, metal leaf, untreated gemstones
  • No fillers, artificial anything, no preservatives
  • Eco-conscious, no plastics

Sphere and Sundry customers also have access to the company's Mighty Networks private community, where you can connect with others and learn more about the S+S creators.

Sphere and Sundry Pricing

So, how much do these superior quality and high-potency ritual tools and products cost? On average, the cost for a candle is about $100, smoking herbs $30, ritual honey $33, tinctures $35, incense/powders $30, and body butters $33. That's just a small sampling of their offerings. You can also find bath salts, drawing inks, talismanic perfumes, room and body sprays, soaps, salves, you name it!

My recommendation is to start small instead of buying each item in each election. Many things will call your name, stick to a goal, something that has consistently come up as something to resolve in your life. Perhaps, you have a hard time expressing emotions, finding energy to do a project, or finding the mental energy to think and put your ideas down into reality. One focus at a time.

Use their extensive Q&A to identify what to pick. Use my coupon code K3RIN1S for $10 off your first order.

Sphere and Sundry Reviews

Don't take my word for it, listen to the 6K+ five-star reviews and testimonials that Sphere + Sundry has garnered in such a short time. They have also shipped over 300,000 units as of 2023. 🤩 They know what they're doing and so does the community.

Five-Star Verified Reviews from Sphere + Sundry Customers

Exalted Luna's Beautifying Skin, Hair, and Bead Oil: CURED MY DRY SKIN! This past winter has found me dealing with absolutely stubborn patches of dry skin on my face, and as eczema runs in the family, I have to be so careful of what I use. Used this only once, and already my skin feels 100x more supple and bouncy then it has in ages. It also glides over and melts into the skin very readily. I think my favorite formulation from S+S beauty oils so far. R.S.

Exalted Luna Body Butter: PERFECT BODY BUTTER: This is my first time trying S+S body butter and I think I picked the perfect series for it. It is creamy, soothing, and feels luxurious. The scent is calming and subtle. I put it on and it was like taking a sizable dose of CBD. I felt so relaxed and slept very well. L.G.

Salve of Venus' Aerial Delight: PAIRED WITH ASCLEPIUS = MAX RELAX MODE ENGAGE: This is *very* relaxing, especially when I use it with Asclepius – BUT, my one cat is obsessed with any materia from this series. If I leave it out beside my bed she gets pretty social and chatty. It is cute, but I can't use it or accidentally leave the materia out without being sure to budget extra cat snuggle time into my sleep schedule. K

Mars-Jupiter Anointing Oil: One of the first times I used this oil was on Mars day/time n anointed my chest with their planetary glyph. A couple minutes later, the glyph was visible in red between my breasts but it didn't burn me at all. That's when I knew this was Mars with a sense of humor. Not too say that this Mars isn't serious but it's a more fun, jovial and accessible Mars. Uplifting call to action for whatever the task requires. Very warming n energizing. – B.

Exalted Luna Kolonía: At first sniff, it's definitely not my favorite kolonia scent {that will always be the Venusian ones!} . . . but as it dries down on the skin, the aroma takes on a much more enjoyable element to me. Undoubtedly comforting, phenomenally gentle in its cleansing effects.  Kalliste 

Exalted Luna Spell Soap: LUNAR COMFORT + GRACE: Spell Soaps are such a cool form, but when they are **lunar** spell soaps it just hits different, you know?! Much like the Water for this series, the soap truly does not disappoint, especially in the process of getting clean as it's combined with the water element itself. It's grounding, stabilizing and ideal for anyone who is looking for some self care. The scent is gorgeous and like so many offerings a little goes a long way. Highly recommend! – E

Golden Goat Subset: The GG soap is my first time using this form and has quickly become one of my favorite ways to engage with materia. The scent reminds me of old leather and pipe tobacco. The lather is rich and luxurious. I feel calm, steady and grounded after bathing but not to the point of being immovable. In fact, I feel like I can jump at a moments notice when the opportunity arises with the gravitas this materia bestows. Golden GOAT indeed! – Boosya

And here are a few blog posts reviewing products, like The Gentleman Necromancer: As you can tell, I’m definitely impressed with Sphere & Sundry’s Asclepius series. The quality in terms of ingredients, calculation, and magical efficacy cannot be overstated. While definitely on the pricier end, the products are definitely affordable and the care and high quality definitely outweighs the cost. On a scale of five skulls, I definitely give Sphere & Sundry’s Asclepius five out of five skulls from the gentleman necromancer.

And from Circle Thrive, reviewing Jupiter's Bounty: Tl;dr: Kaitlin is the real deal and her products are excellent.

Sphere and Sundry Products

Kaitlin Coppock is on a mission to take the power of astrological materia to help lift and transform the collective. Her product lines are diverse, intuitive, genius, and simple to apply in your life. You will find everything from Venus to Mars, to Algol talismanic materia. So far all 7 major planets have been covered, with the addition of Neptune.

The thoroughly field-tested astro-magical technologies Sphere + Sundry espouses have *incredible potential* to help Humankind, especially as a supplement to the healing arts, somatic and experiential astrological education, and natal chart remediation. As is, it magically links thousands of like-Minded, like-Hearted, and like-Spirited Others, empowering each series’ Egregore, fortifying, and unifying the collective field(s) of those who partake.

Sphere and sundry

Limited Edition Batches

The biggest thing to understand about handcrafted products and a small-biz structure is that S+S is not producing for the masses in such volumes that everything will be available forever. Once each batch is sold, that product line is no longer available for purchase. Everything is for the most part a limited edition product. Some products may take months to sell but sell they will. (some products sell out immediately.)

Sphere and Sundry honey and oils

This is the Empress honey jar, and Jupiter and Saturn anointing oils. I use these for my business projects, and personal and money-focused goals, both for daily and longer-range ritual work.

When I choose S+S products, I focus on what my birth chart needs vs. what sounds awesome. Learn to study your astrology to make better decisions, and follow your intuition.

Manifesting by Astrological Focus

Each product line is devoted to a unique astrological signature (election), and birthed via specific modern and ancient ritual practices. For each product line, 5-7 product types are birthed for sale from candles to perfume, and if it's extra special, a collaboration happens and a talismanic ring or pendant is also created. This is a short list of what you can expect to find in the S+S product catalog:

  • By Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon/Neptune
  • By Other Star Bodies: Regulus, Algol, Deneb Algedi, Ras Alhague, Aldebaran
  • Ritual Figures: Hermanubis, Asclepius, St. Expedite
  • For Home: Candles, incense, room sprays, steep + smokes
  • For Body: Anointing oils, body butter, salve, steep + smokes, perfumes, beautifying oils, masks + polishes, bath bombs, spell soaps, bath salts, etc.
  • For Ritual and Magical Practices: Candles, anointing oils, drawing inks, stickers, incense, ritual salts, bluings, honey, powders, etc.
  • For Ancestral Support & Connecting to The Dead: Anointing oils, powders, salts, etc.

Versatile & Multipurpose Products

Sphere and Sundry stands out from other indie magical creators by offering a diverse range of products that cater to both ritualists and non-magical individuals, unlike those who may specialize in just one type of product or lack talismanic quality.

Perfumes and anointing oils are my favorite types of S+S products. I like to smell good, and I love the versatile application of oils for dressing a candle or applying it on myself or other personal objects.

Note: All of the S+S perfumes are a collaboration with the great indie perfume maker Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.

sphere and sundry perfumes
Sphere and sundry powders and salve.

Powders, tinctures, and salves are other forms of talismanic materia that can be used to connect with your chart.

Powders allow you to imbue your creations and spell work with the energies contained in their election, aka creation. For instance, you can employ powders for your hoodoo practices, dress candles, create your own oils, or use them as an incense component by burning them over charcoal.

Powders are perfectly sized, multi-purpose, and easy on the pocketbook. But if you don't want to do any of that work, go for the candles, soaps, tinctures, salves, etc.

Pros and Cons

Sphere and Sundry are in a class to themselves, however, just like anything out there, some things work for you and some don't. Perhaps for you, the journey of using the cosmos for healing and transformation is strictly through journaling and watching the world around you. Or, if you're like me, you explore different mediums and tools to see what will resonate. I like to explore.

Sphere and Sundry Pros

I'm a big fan of Kaitlin Coppock's work. Sphere and Sundry products are everything I already shared and more:

  • A woman-owned/led business
  • Uses the finest ingredients possible
  • Creates a geniune magical artifact; talismanic chart selection disclosed!
  • Artisanal and handcrafted
  • Employs a 28-day incubation period for material potency
  • Excellent customer service and worldwide shipping
  • Detailed notes and guidance for each product released

Sphere and Sundry Cons

It's hard to find problems and issues with Sphere and Sundry because they honestly don't exist. Kaitlin's Venus in Virgo runs a tight ship. Everything that Kaitlin has produced is pure magic, you will feel the product's effects before they reach you. It has for me each time.

So yea, two things to consider:

  • Items are available in limited quantities, when they sell out they are gone forever.
  • Can be pricey for some, but the quality is unbeatable

You're invited! Let's continue the conversation…

Sphere and Sundry Alternatives

Ok, so I've looked to find competitors and other makers to include in this Sphere and Sundry Review. Yet, there are no serious alternatives to Sphere and Sundry's top-quality products. There are 100s of Etsy makers creating “talisman” and “ritual” products, and while I'm sure many produce real results, few come close to what the Coppocks are creating. The criteria I'm using to be considered talismanic materia: 1) an astrological chart is disclosed, 2) ingredients are fully disclosed, and 3) formal ritual practices are employed.

Based on that criteria, I found Helo Astro who makes talismanic materia such as candles, ritual papers, oils, pouches, and other objects. If you know of others who fit the criteria, let me know!

Another favorite of mine is the great perfume house of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs (BPAL). BPAL also collaborates with Kaitlin Coppock to produce the S+S talismanic perfumes. Separately, BPAL runs Twilight Alchemy Labs (TAL) which makes ritual oils (not talismanic materia). Both BPAL and TAL have thousands of loyal fans and customers.

Ideas for Using Sphere and Sundry Products

Altar displaying Sphere and Sundry products for review.
This is my manifestation altar, on it I have a small black metal bowl burning Aldebaran and Mercury Sphere and Sundry Powders as incense.

Adding Sphere and Sundry into your life is super easy. The question is how short is your project list, so you don't get stuck in planning mode. LOL

Remember: Always look to your birth chart to determine what could be supportive — Your birth chart is your guide.

Some ideas for you:

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Photos of Sphere and Sundry products for a review.
Preparing to combine Sphere and Sundry products for a larger production.
Sample Sphere and Sundry product reviews.

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